Thales supports mobile operators with advanced voice biometric authentication

Thales supports mobile operators with advanced voice biometric authentication

Thales, Thales trusted digital identity service platform for the registration and certification as part of, announced a new voice biometric information solutions To do. This addresses the growing demand in call centers for mobile operators who need to provide a smooth customer experience while combating identity fraud.

This new feature is offered in partnership with ID R & D , one of the recognized leaders in the voice biometrics industry, further enhancing the Thales Trusted Digital Identity Services platform. The platform already has advanced identity verification document verification capabilities as well as advanced biometric information features such as face recognition and fingerprint recognition.

Call center operators are required to verify who the caller is in order to spot identity fraud attempts. Not only has the current process using Knowledge Base Authentication (KBA) proven to be ineffective, but it also unpleasantly delays the processing of legitimate subscribers, degrading the customer experience.

In contrast, Thales’ automated voice matching solution is completely transparent and hassle-free for the caller, and call center staff do not need to type or train. The solution can detect fraudsters trying to impersonate their customers. Thales has partnered with ID R & D for this voice matching solution.

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The voice of the caller is quickly compared to the voiceprints recorded for known fraudsters and individuals associated with suspicious phone patterns. ID R & D’s technology, which performed well in the 2019 NIST  Speaker Recognition Evaluation, an important benchmarking challenge, is recognized to offer unprecedented accuracy, speed and reliability.

Thales voice matching also supports smooth authentication of legitimate customers . With the consent of the user, this further provides secure access to personalized service offerings. Following recent adoption by major mobile operators, Thales voice biometrics have proven highly effective in identifying fraudulent callers, expanding into new use cases for existing user authentication. It will be replaced with a login and password. All this is done in compliance with local regulations regarding personal information.

“ID R & D provides next-generation voice biometrics that enable superior security and a superior user experience. Partnering with Thales to detect and avoid fraud while not burdening customers and fraudsters It’s great not to give any clues to be noticed.

With this solution, we can give mobile operators a voice biometric in preventing fraud in new subscriber registrations and subsequently strengthening continuous authentication. and it can be strongly recommended that the introduction of information “, Alexey Khitrov of ID R & D chief Executive Officer (CEO) says .

“Scammers are now more likely to target remote routes such as call centers when impersonating legitimate customers, but a unique feature of voice is to combat this type of fraud. It’s a powerful asset. Voice biometrics that can be easily collected during registration also pave the way for enhancing the long-term customer experience, “said Guillaume Lafaix, VP of Mobile Connectivity Solutions at Thales. Stated.

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