ThycoticCentrify Enhances Security and Compliance with New Secret Erase Feature for Secret Server

ThycoticCentrify Enhances Security and Compliance with New Secret Erase Feature for Secret Server-01

ThycoticCentrify, a leading provider of cloud identity security solutions formed by the merger of privileged access management (PAM) leaders Thycotic and Centrify, today announced new and expanded capabilities for its award-winning PAM solution, Thycotic Secret Server. With the addition of the new Secret Erase feature, enhancements to Secret Server’s mobile application, Connection Manager, and Web Password Filler, Secret Server now more than ever helps reduce cyber risk, expand discovery, and increase productivity for IT administrators as well as business users.

No secret left behind

Removal of privileged account information after it’s no longer needed is critical to security and compliance standards, especially when organizations are working with contracted third-party administrators. With Secret Erase, secrets and related data – such as usernames, passwords, and email addresses – are purged completely from the database, while still providing an audit trail to meet documentation and compliance requirements.

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“After a third-party engagement with a privileged user is completed, removing secrets and related data is a best practice,” said Jason Mitchell, Senior Vice President of Engineering at ThycoticCentrify. “Our latest release of Secret Server adds this important capability with Secret Erase, prioritizing both security and compliance. Now IT administrators can rest a little easier knowing no historic or unnecessary credentials are left available for cyber criminals to exploit and gain privileged access.”

SSH management for Unix/Linux

An accurate record of all SSH keys is essential to properly secure them. Locating and tracking SSH public keys can be an arduous task for IT administrators. To save time and effort, Secret Server’s Discovery tool now includes the ability to locate existing SSH keys associated with Linux and Unix servers. Additional SSH session management capabilities in the release simplify sudo/su elevation and enable select command blocklisting during SSH proxied sessions.

Usable security for greater productivity

The onslaught of daily alerts and notifications can be fatiguing for many users. With so much noise, it’s difficult to digest information quickly and understand which notifications require action. To reduce alert fatigue, Secret Server’s Inbox now provides a customizable toolset to manage how email and notifications are sent and received by users. Inbox allows for configuration of notification scheduling, collecting notifications into digest format, creation of message templates, rules, and more.

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