Top Cybersecurity Expert Ciaran Martin Joins Red Sift, Aims to Combat Cybercrime Worldwide

Top Cybersecurity Expert Ciaran Martin Joins Red Sift_ Aims to Combat Cybercrime Worldwide

One of the world’s top cybersecurity experts is joining forces with Red Sift, a leading provider of vital cybersecurity products, to raise awareness of cyberspace dangers.

Ciaran Martin, who helped lead the UK government’s work on cybersecurity joined Red Sift as a special adviser. Martin will help the Red Sift leadership team identify cybersecurity areas where they should focus and the development of strategic tools.

“I am excited about working with Red Sift to combat cybersecurity issues,” Martin said. “We need to take clear action to clean up the digital environment and Red Sift is leading efforts to do just that.”

“It is tough to imagine a better expert to join Red Sift in our fight against cybercrime,” said Rahul Powar, CEO of Red Sift. “Ciaran brings decades of experience that will help us focus on the development of cybersecurity tools to propel our efforts worldwide.”

Martin, a professor of practice at the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, is an adviser to Paladin Capital in the U.S. and Garrison Technology Ltd in the UK. Previously, he led the UK government’s work on cybersecurity, where he helped to establish the National Cyber Security Centre in 2016.

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The UK NCSC is now recognized as one of the leading public authorities in the world for cybersecurity. The NCSC’s approach to intervening to make technology safer, easier to use safely, and to manage national level incidents proactively has been lauded around the world.

Martin has been honored within the UK, Europe, the U.S., and beyond for his ground-breaking efforts to combat cyber threats. Prior to running the NCSC, Martin held a series of senior roles in the UK Cabinet Office.

Red Sift offers a purpose-built suite of cybersecurity solutions that works to block outbound phishing attacks, analyze the security of inbound communication for company-wide email threats, and monitor and safeguard valuable customer data.

The company’s growth reflects the extremely high market demand for these products, and demonstrates recognition of Red Sift’s ability to build and deliver a world-class cybersecurity solution suite.

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