TrackTik, Innovative Security Workforce Management Company, Launches Data Lab to Help Security Companies Transform their Data into Key Business Insights

TrackTik_ Innovative Security Workforce Management Company_ Launches Data Lab to Help Security Companies Transform their Data into Key Business Insights-01

TrackTik, an innovative and growing security workforce management software provider that helps the physical security industry deliver security services, today announced the launch of Data Lab. Built on top of a new developer- and partner-friendly open platform, Data Lab is the first in a series of innovative tools that help security companies make better-informed business decisions through easy to use,  customizable, function-based dashboards monitoring key performance indicators.

Simon Ferragne, CEO and Founder of TrackTik, had this to say about Data Lab, “The physical security industry is currently undergoing a digital transformation and to stay ahead of the technology curve, we need to become an open platform. Our new open platform provides clients with the ability to easily collect their data, query the information found in their data, to develop business insights that allow them to make smarter business decisions.”

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With more and more data generated every year, security organizations need to leverage their information better. Data Lab helps security firms recognize the tremendous value of their data which is crucial in streamlining security operations. With Data Lab, users of TrackTik can unlock valuable insights that will enable them to gather, visualize, and interpret data by monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) through interactive dashboards.

“Data Lab democratizes access to information in TrackTik by empowering our clients to query their live data, build their own dashboards, and get the insights they want out of their data,” said Ferragne. “Our clients buy more than just our software. They buy our capacity to innovate and always stay a few steps ahead of the technology curve. Data Lab is only the first of many tools we are building to allow security companies to run smarter businesses.”

On a daily basis, security firms accumulate a wealth of financial, operational, and human resource data like accounts, over time, site incidents, checkpoint tours, employee engagement, retention, and more. With direct access to data, Data Lab helps security firms analyze, activate, and report on that data to make the kind of critical decisions that drive their business forward.

Data Lab was conceived and built on a deep understanding of today’s advanced reporting data needs in the security industry. It alleviates the reporting and visibility pains that security firms traditionally face when generating personalized reports that fully leverage their existing operational data. Providing an agile, customizable solution Data Lab gives security firms the flexibility to run fully customizable reports to truly activate their data and provide added security service value to their clients.

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