US Signal Launches Cloud-delivered Virtual Workspaces

US Signal Launches Cloud-delivered Virtual Workspaces

US Signal today announced the launch of Virtual Workspace, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that enables organizations to securely and cost effectively deliver custom desktop environments ─ virtual workspaces ─ to their users on whatever endpoint they’re using. It’s available through US Signal as well as select managed service providers in US Signal’s partner network.

A turnkey solution, Virtual Workspace includes the cloud-delivered desktop environment and all applications, data storage and other resources required for working anywhere, anytime.

Managed backup, remote monitoring and management, managed firewall and anti-virus are also included in the low-cost, per-seat monthly fee. All that is required for users to access the virtual workspaces is an Internet connection and web browser.

Customers control the workspace deployment life cycle from a single pane of glass in the Virtual Workspace Management Portal. In addition to provisioning, deploying, managing and optimizing the resources users need, customers can determine which apps to make available, set the policies for user access, and add and delete users as needed.

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The portal is SaaS-based, so it’s always up to date and supported. Portal features include an easy-to-use automation wizard for simplified deployment, workload scheduling that turns servers on and off, and automated task management using a single script triggering engine (SSTE).

“Organizations are always seeking ways to reduce costs, increase employee productivity while providing secure operations. This is especially true now as many are adjusting to new ways of working because of the pandemic,” explains Matt VanderZwaag, executive vice president of product development. “Virtual Workspace provides a secure, cost-effective option to adapt to and facilitate remote work operations that are becoming increasingly common.

“The solution is easy to use, scalable and flexible, with predictable pricing,” VanderZwaag adds. “It reduces management burden on organizations’ IT staffs. Access to data and applications is enabled through the cloud, so it’s more secure than other options.”

One of the biggest differentiators between Virtual Workspaces and similar solutions is US Signal’s VMware Cloud Verified infrastructure, recognized for flexibility and cost optimization. Virtual Workspace is also supported by US Signal’s wholly owned, robust 14,000-mile fiber network and eight HIPAA- and PCI DSS-compliant, Midwest-based data centers that provide secure, highly available cloud services.

“There’s invaluable peace of mind that comes from knowing the resources powering Virtual Workspaces are robust, reliable and resilient,” VanderZwaag says.

Virtual Workspace is the latest addition to US Signal’s Hosted Desktops solutions, which includes Hosted VDI, a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) service that allows for hosting the VMware Horizon platform in US Signal’s Hosted Private Cloud. Customers can use their own VMware Horizon license or purchase one from US Signal.

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