XConnect Partners with Cataleya to Combat Voice and SMS Fraud Through its Accurate and Up-to-Date Numbering Data

XConnect Partners with Cataleya to Combat Voice and SMS Fraud Through its Accurate and Up-to-Date Numbering Data

XConnect, a Somos Company, the provider of world-class numbering intelligence solutions, has partnered with Cataleya, an enabler in voice over IP switching and analytics as well as SMS PaaS solutions, to protect its customers from voice and SMS fraud. It will deploy XConnect’s global number intelligence data to proactively block invalid and fraudulent numbers with precision and support the telecom industry’s fight against fraud.

XConnect’s Global Number Range and Number Portability data will be deployed in Cataleya’s Session Border Controller and SMS Platform to improve accuracy and efficiency for its enterprise and wholesale customers. By deploying XConnect’s data, Cataleya strengthens its service offerings to protect its customers. It gains greater visibility and control by establishing whether a number is valid, in a live range, whether it has been ported and whether it is allocated to a provider.

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“Keeping users safe from voice and SMS fraud is one of the top challenges facing modern communication providers. Mobile technology continues to evolve, and fraudsters are getting smarter. This creates new vulnerabilities for consumers,” said Tim Ward, VP Number Information Services at XConnect. “Our partnership with Cataleya is enabling us to strengthen the industry-wide anti-fraud proposition and protect enterprises and individuals from damaging losses. Through our data, Cataleya’s customers gain reliable and up-to-date telecoms data to solve challenges and optimise its offerings.” 

Cataleya is headquartered in Singapore, with technology development and operations teams in Silicon Valley, India, and the United Kingdom. It provides the most tailored, reliable, and easy to integrate real-time communications switching, service creation and analytics platforms in the industry. 

“Number verification is a very effective way of identifying potential abuse. It is an obligation for us to work and interwork with other industry players, such as XConnect, that specialise in this field. This allows us to offer our clients a variety of options to safeguard them from potential fraudsters,” said Andreas Hipp, CEO Cataleya. “Together, we are keeping consumers safe during a time where rapid communications service adoption is under threat from the evolving fraud ecosystem.” 

XConnect maintains one of the world’s largest number intelligence databases, available via direct download or real-time, ultra-low latency number lookup queries.

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