XM Cyber Launches Exposure Management Service (EMS)

XM Cyber Launches Exposure Management Service (EMS)

XM Cyber, the leader in hybrid cloud exposure management, today announced the launch of the company’s Exposure Management Service. This service helps organizations to discover, prioritize, validate and mobilize exposure remediation efforts that eliminate the greatest cyber attack risks in the most efficient means possible. EMS seamlessly integrates into an organization’s operational remediation processes, providing a proactive, best-practices approach to continuously identify and resolve the highest priority security exposures. Additionally, XM Cyber is announcing a beta program for Managed Security Service Providers interested in offering the EMS service through their own service delivery teams.

The EMS service is in direct response to increased adoption of the XM Cyber platform by organizations looking to implement or mature their continuous exposure management processes. The service will augment organizations’ existing cyber security teams by providing remediation expertise that extend their team’s capacity and capabilities.

Organizations can leverage EMS to continuously reduce exposures and:

  • Establish, operationalize, and improve their exposure remediation processes with tailored and practical plans created by experts
  • Work collaboratively with remediation teams, such as IT and development teams, to push prioritized remediation activities into action and effectively track them
  • Develop an understanding of their exposure remediation progress with customized status update reports

“Modern security teams are trying to safeguard their organization with limited resources and a lack of specialized knowledge and expertise about the remediation of advanced threats,” said Shay Siksik, VP Customer Experience at XM Cyber. “Our exposure remediation service has been designed to help bolster security teams, combining the high-powered technology of the XM Cyber platform with the front-line exposure remediation expertise of our team. This service will help organizations reduce the time it takes to eliminate critical exposures and strengthen enterprise resilience against malicious activity.”

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EMS will be available to all organizations utilizing the XM Cyber platform as an optional offering. In the near future, the service will also be available from certified delivery partners. The announcement of a beta program for partners interested in delivering EMS services is driven from XM Cyber’s interest in certifying partners who can benefit from the best-practices, processes and tools of EMS so they can market and deliver these services directly to their customers. Partners interested in this beta program should reach out to EMS@xmcyber.com.

The launch of EMS comes on the heels of the XM Cyber announcing enhancements to its robust platform, extending the solution’s continuous exposure management capabilities. The updates ease the scoping, prioritization, validation and remediation of security exposures, evaluating threats from an attacker’s perspective through comprehensive attack graph analysis technology.

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