SmartMetric Says That Its Biometric Fingerprint Protected Credit Card Turns The Ubiquitous Credit Card Into An In-Your-Wallet Powerful Computer Device

SmartMetric Says That Its Biometric Fingerprint Protected Credit Card Turns the Ubiquitous Credit Card Into an In-Your-Wallet Powerful Computer Device

SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME): SmartMetric, in creating a credit card that has an inbuilt fingerprint scanner, needed to create a super thin, powerful computer inside the card, in order to power the instantaneous finger print scanning of the card user’s fingerprint.

This miniature electronics breakthrough by SmartMetric has resulted not only in a powerful miniature fingerprint scanner, but as well a powerful miniature computer the size of a credit card that fits in your wallet. Turning the pervasive credit card into new electronic device now able to perform a multitude of tasks beyond the credit card transaction.

SmartMetric’s electronic credit card has an ARM Cortex processor. Up to a Gigabyte and beyond memory. Contact and contactless standard credit card interface for all credit card readers and ATMs. A stable rechargeable battery.

Rapid recharge power management system that recharges the cards internal battery when used at standard card reader. While still meeting ISO standard size and thickness for credit cards.

In addition, the SmartMetric card has incorporated live fingerprint detection, thwarting scammers who want to try and use a replica of a person’s fingerprint.

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Along with anti-spoofing technology developed by SmartMetric, the card has its own internal cryptographic vault that uses state of the art cryptography to protect data stored inside the card.

From medical records, transaction history to Government-sanctioned cryptocurrencies, the SmartMetric electronic credit card opens up a brave new world of hybrid functionality for the credit card, while all the time protected by the card user’s own fingerprint biometrics.

SmartMetric is a USA based company with sales and marketing partnerships in Latin America, Europe and the United States. Engineering of the biometric card electronics is done in-house and is the owned intellectual property of the company.

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