Zapa Client Portals Unveiled Simplified File Sharing for Accountants

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Breichbilt today launched Zapa Client Portals, a new product set out to offer the Easiest File Share Portal on Earth. Accountants, Attorneys and Small Businesses are increasingly depending on safely transferring files to their clients. Today’s launch of Zapa Client Portals leaves email attachments a thing of the past and improves client confidence.

“We’ve redesigned the file sharing experience to be fundamentally designed for service-based businesses like accounting firms,” said Bryan Stouffer, co-founder and CEO of Breichbilt. “We’re taking the pain out of customer portal access for secure files, bringing a simplified experience for both the business as well as their clients. Sharing secure files should be frictionless and preferable to the end-user over attaching files in an email client.”

Minimize Outlook and unplug the Fax Machine

Zapa Client Portals supports file sizes and types well beyond most email clients. According to Microsoft Office Support, “Outlook limits the size of files you can send […] the combined file size limit is 20 megabytes.” Some accountants have turned to collaboration systems such as Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox just to be shocked by the sensitive file being shared by way of a public URL link. This method of sharing files violates various regulatory considerations in the United States such as IRS 1075 and FINRA. For more information on the dangers of collaboration tools for file sharing, visit Client Portals are a great solution, but until the launch of Zapa Client Portals have been too complicated for many users.

Removing friction between Professional Teams and their Clients

Zapa Client Portals was designed from the ground up to be a fully intuitive experience for clients to access their files. Every aspect of the File Sharing process is designed to get the user in and out with the least amount of effort. Accountants and their teams prefer not to spend time as technical support for an outdated portal solution, but instead focused on gathering information and getting things done.

The new Zapa Client Portals includes:

  • Full audit of all activity and file access
  • Support for simple file uploading
  • File comments
  • CRM Notification Integration

Scale Zapa Client Portals to suit your Business Needs

Along with the introduction of a simplified user experience, Breichbilt is introducing scalable pricing for growing businesses. No longer do accountants need to worry about “per user” pricing as they grow their firm, each professional plan tier supports unlimited team members. Zapa Client Portals are designed for ease of access, security and encourages auditability. Audits are far more valuable when each team member has their own individual account.

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New Zapa Client Portal plans include:

  • Starter ($10/month) for solo professionals wanting to start their business with a high-end user experience
  • Professional ($65/month) for growing firms requiring more portals, unlimited guest accounts and team members
  • Large Firm ($130/month) for larger firms that require thousands of portals and greater storage capacity
  • Enterprise ($230/month) for a fully scalable solution without limitations

More details on feature sets and pricing can be found on the Zapa Client Portals pricing page.

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