ZNet Technologies and Data Resolve Unite to Revolutionize Cloud Security with inDefend Advanced


In a strategic move, ZNet Technologies, India’s leading cloud distributor offering cloud infrastructure and managed services, has partnered with Data Resolve, an innovator in solutions for safeguarding data and monitoring employees’ activities, to fortify cloud environments. This alliance introduces inDefend Advanced, a sophisticated tool for data leakage prevention and employee behavior analysis, into ZNet’s comprehensive cloud security services.

inDefend Advanced is an all-in-one solution that safeguards organization’s data against internal threats and prevents the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information through different communication channels and endpoints. With this solution, businesses can monitor user behavior and identify potential avenues for confidential data leakage.

“Our goal at ZNet Technologies has always been clear – to assist enterprises in embracing security with digital transformation. This partnership with Data Resolve is a testament to our commitment to providing next-generation cyber protection solutions. It represents a significant step forward in our mission to help businesses with data security and workforce management solutions, ensuring they are digitally enabled, securely and efficiently,” ​​said Munesh Jadoun, CEO of ZNet Technologies.

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Key features of inDefend Advanced:

  • Integrated dashboard with unified console
  • Multi-platform support
  • Executive reporting
  • Real-time employee activity monitoring
  • Effective management of insider threats
  • Rapid incident response
  • Cyber intelligence reporting, and more.

This partnership sets a new benchmark in cloud security, potentially transforming data protection standards across various industries.

“We are excited about this partnership with ZNet Technologies, as it aligns perfectly with our vision and strategic direction. Together, we are set to offer comprehensive solutions that will significantly enhance cloud security and data protection, which are crucial in today’s digital landscape,” ​​said Dhruv Khanna, CEO, Data Resolve Technologies.

This collaboration is a long-term vision towards creating a more secure digital future. ZNet & Data Resolve are committed to continuously evolving and enhancing cloud security solutions.

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