Cloudflare Introduces Page Shield To Prevent Magecart Card Skimming Attacks

Cloudflare Introduces Page Shield to Prevent Magecart Card Skimming Attacks

Cloudflare has introduced the latest web security offering in order to prevent Magecart-style attacks. Magecart is an umbrella word that is used to define JavaScript-based, card-skimming attacks. Official websites and e-commerce platforms, including vulnerabilities like in a back-end content management system (CMS) or third-party script dependencies, are often exploited. Moreover, JavaScript code is inserted in e-commerce-related pages, and later any payment card information submitted to these pages is collected and sent to cyber-attackers.

Innumerable businesses have, and continue to, fall victim to Magecart attacks. Past prey comprises Newegg, Boom! Mobile, Ticketmaster, and British Airways.

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