PiiQ Media Provides Comprehensive Cyber Risk Assessment With Risk HQ Solution

PiiQ Media Provides Comprehensive Cyber Risk Assessment with Risk HQ Solution

PiiQ Media, the social media threat intelligence and risk analytics company, announced today the launch of Risk HQ. Risk HQ takes a more comprehensive and continuous view of corporate cyber risk that spans multiple channels, including social media and the dark web, setting it apart from other solutions on the market.

It is the only cyber risk solution that provides individual employee assessments and monitoring, giving enterprises deeper insight into corporate risk posture.

PiiQ’s Risk HQ solution evaluates digital security and risk with an added layer of human attack surface insights at scale through extensive examination of corporate risk posture.

Many of the available corporate risk assessment technologies today focus solely on an enterprise’s own cyber or information system’s attack, including which systems and software owned by the organization are publicly accessible and how might they be exploited to gain access to internal information.

This is an important aspect of corporate cyber risk, but it misses many key components.

The FBI’s 2020 Internet Crime Report found that social engineering-based business email compromise (BEC) attacks continue to do the most financial damage to corporations, accounting for $1.8 billion in total estimated losses.

Other types of attacks may use existing employee personally identifiable information (PII) that was compromised as part of a previous data breach. Bad actors can also take advantage of increased negative sentiment or conversations regarding the company and/or brands across news, social and open/deep/dark web platforms and sites.

All of this information should be monitored and assessed for potential increases in threats and risk to the organization.

More comprehensive monitoring and risk assessment gives an organization more information to make critical decisions regarding exposures and risks. The solution offers:

  • Broader assessment of risk for an organization or third party, providing a more complete view of threats, exposures and risks.
  • Continued monitoring, comparison, alerting and reporting on risks. A snapshot in time of vulnerabilities and risks doesn’t give the organization an indication of increased or decreased threats and risk. Seeing the threat levels and risk exposure provides information an organization needs to make effective decisions.
  • Prioritization of employee monitoring. Since employees are the primary means by which an organization is compromised, it makes sense to prioritize monitoring of employees above monitoring of systems. Risk HQ takes employee monitoring and assessment into account to provide a fuller picture.

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Aaron Barr, chief technology officer, PiiQ Media, said: “The cyber risk landscape continues to expand, yet current solutions neglect the primary source of attacker success: employees. Risk HQ takes a more comprehensive approach to monitoring for corporate risks. It’s the only commercially available solution that takes into account conversations in news, social media, the open and dark web, employee exposures and compromised data, fake pages and profiles. This provides a more complete picture so customers can better protect their data.”

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