HackerOne’s Paid Bug Bounties Surpass USD 230 Million


Bug bounty platform HackerOne says that in 2022, ethical hackers found and reported more than 65,000 software flaws. The well-known hacker-powered platform has awarded USD 230 million in bug bounties since its inception.

It hosts bug bounty programs for both public and private organizations, including government agencies. Over USD 1 million in bounties have been paid out to 22 hackers who have submitted vulnerability reports through HackerOne, an increase from 12 in 2021. According to HackerOne, the total turnaround time has increased from 35 to 37 days.

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The median time to patch for the aviation and aerospace industry was 148.3 days, followed by 73.9 days for the medical technology sector. Blockchain and cryptocurrency companies remedied errors the quickest, taking 11.6 days.

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