Hackers Target Financial Institutions with Sophisticated Malware

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Hackers Target Financial Institutions with Sophisticated Malware

According to the latest report by VMware Carbon Black, cyber-attacks on financial institutions increased by 238% from the beginning of February till the end of April. The report titled, ‘Modern Bank Heists’, that a quarter of cyber-attacks this year have either targeted financial institutions or healthcare.

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The attacks have coincided with WHO’s timeline of deaths from the Covid-19 pandemic. This can explain the rising influx of phishing emails, which have lured healthcare institutions with information related to the disease, and potential cures. According to the respondents in the report, the attacks have become more sophisticated with attackers gaining increased knowledge of internal processes and blind spots in response.

Source: https://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/news/attacks-on-banks-spike-238-during/

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