Nearly 100 TCP/IP Stack Vulnerabilities Found During 18-Month Research Project

Nearly 100 TCPIP Stack Vulnerabilities Found During 18-Month Research Project-01

An 18-month research project led to the discovery of about 100 risks in all more than a dozen TCP / IP stacks.

The study, dubbed Project Memoria, was conducted by business equipment company Forescout in partnership with others. It has resulted in the detection of risk tracking such as Ripple20, AMNESIA: 33, NUMBER: JACK, NAME: WRECK, INFRA: HALT, and NUCLEUS: 13. TCP / IP stacks are used for a variety of communication devices, including medical products, industrial control systems (ICS), printers, and switches.

Researchers have identified a total of 97 risks in all 14 TCP / IP stacks, including those that could be used for remote coding, DoS attacks, or sensitive information. Errors affect hundreds of products, researchers estimate that there are approximately 3 billion devices at risk.

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