Cinder Arises From Stealth With First Platform For Trust And Safety Operations


Today Cinder officially launched the industry’s first Trust and Safety operations platform to help organizations combat Internet abuse at scale. Cinder provides Trust and Safety teams with a unified platform that centralizes data, context, and intelligence related to any type of abuse scenario, and streamlines investigation workflows to facilitate resolution. Now, any organization can manage complex integrity operations and investigations under one platform to create a safe environment for their users.

“The Internet today is the wild west. From hate groups to fraud rings to state sponsored  disinformation campaigns, people live in a state of perpetual fear and distrust and the pressure is mounting on digital platforms to effect change,” said Glen Wise, CEO, Cinder. “But this is not just a Meta or Twitter problem. Every organization understands they are vulnerable to threats, and will be held accountable not only by their users, but also increasingly by government regulators.

Wise continued, “The problem is Trust and Safety teams remain under-resourced and most companies lack the proper tools to manage the complexity of any given Internet abuse case and investigation at scale. Cinder fills that gap by providing teams with an end-to-end platform for centralizing operational data, streamlining decision-making, measuring impact and promoting transparency.”

Cinder centralizes the Trust and Safety decision-making process by empowering reviewers and investigators to engage all of the appropriate data relevant to a decision, whether it results from user-generated content, metadata, or off-platform information. It’s the only integrated platform that manages an organization’s entire Trust and Safety operations, including policy setting, case and investigation management, moderation and reviews, risk monitoring and compliance, and more—all within a single platform.

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Cinder enables Trust and Safety teams to:

  • Define and Codify Policies: Cinder empowers policymakers to codify policies so they can be easily managed from a central location. This facilitates good decision-making, provides richer datasets for detection training, and makes metrics and compliance efforts more reliable.
  • Streamline Decision-Making: Cinder provides the tools and data teams need to make fast, accurate decisions by enabling structured workflows and dynamic investigations in a single platform. New policies can be launched, teams assigned, intelligence integrated, and custom workflows initiated without writing a single line of code.
  • Measure Impact: Through customizable metrics and dashboarding, Cinder provides teams the clarity of vision needed to make more confident decisions and take faster actions. To aid in transparency efforts, Cinder allows companies full access to their decision-making data, whether through dashboarding or through Cinder’s API.

Cinder was developed by former US Government, Palantir, and Meta Trust and Safety experts, Glen Wise (CEO), Phil Brennan (COO), Brian Fishman (Head of Business Development), and Declan Cummings (Head of Engineering). Cinder’s co-founding team was responsible for transforming the way Facebook mitigates threats today, including fighting hate groups, terrorist attacks, and state-sponsored disinformation campaigns.

Fueling Cinder’s success is a seed and series A funding round totaling 14 million, led by Accel with participation from Y Combinator.

“The Internet has undoubtedly changed our everyday lives, but its lack of Trust and Safety protections has made it an unsafe place for many,” said Sara Ittelson, Partner, Accel. “But what better team to solve this challenge than the one that played a major role in defining Facebook’s Trust and Safety operations? Not only were they on the front lines during the biggest Internet abuse campaigns of our time, they have developed a system purpose-built to mitigate these ubiquitous threats. We’re thrilled to partner with Glen, Brian and Phil as they journey on making the Internet safer for all.”

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