Ransomware, Malware-as-a-Service Rule the Threat Environment

Ransomware_ Malware-as-a-Service Rule the Threat Environment-01

According to a report from Red Canary, Ransomware continues to grow with double-extortion, and the malware-as-a-service model now expanding. The report claims that cybercriminals are increasingly living off the land. This apparently allows cyber attackers to blend into victims’ networks and hide among the legitimate programs to carry out a stealth attack.

The 2022 Threat Detection Report (PDF) by Red Canary looked at over 30,000 confirmed attacks throughout the company’s customer base. Ransomware hackers have responded to improved target corporate backups by introducing sensitive data exfiltration and the threat of exposure (double extortion).

“Backups will make it easier for a company to get back up and running,” the report states, “but they will not protect companies from data leaks.” The usage of remote monitoring and management technologies by criminals has increased, according to Red Canary (RMM).

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