Reveald Expands Capabilities By Acquisition Of rThreat

Reveald Expands Capabilities By Acquisition Of rThreat

Reveald, a company specializing in Continuous Threat Exposure Management, has expanded its capabilities by acquiring rThreat.

They have created a new technology called the Epiphany Validation Engine (EVE), which enhances AI-driven cyber resilience. EVE is a type of emulation technology that lets security operators test their cybersecurity readiness and controls by assuming the role of attackers. This helps them identify potential risks and validate malware, tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), and controls. Analysts can also use EVE to view the full attack path.

With this new technology, Reveald has simplified the process of identifying and managing cybersecurity risks. Users can now find conditions of risk, prioritize, validate, remediate, and mobilize within one workflow. This helps avoid years of friction between IT operations and SecOps.

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