Tens of Millions stolen in Global Scam Campaign

Tens of Millions stolen in Global Scam Campaign

By mimicking 121 brands, scammers have defrauded users from more than 90 countries of an estimated USD 80 million a month, according to Singapore-based threats and intelligence company Group-IB.

As part of the scheme, scammers lured victims with fraudulent surveys and gifts allegedly from reputable brandss, but which were designed to help criminals steal the victim’s personal information and credit card data.

The fraudsters are believed to have targeted tens of millions of people in 91 countries, including the United States, Canada, Italy and South Korea. To attract their victims, cybercriminals distributed invitations to participate in the survey, and told potential victims that the prize would be awarded later. The marketing strategies used in the campaign include advertising on both rogue and legitimate websites, content advertising, text and email messages, and pop-up notifications.

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