Ampere Industrial Security and DeNexus, Inc. partner to enhance cyber risk data sets for the industrial sector

Ampere Industrial Security and DeNexus, Inc. partner to enhance cyber risk data sets for the industrial sector

Ampere Industrial Security, the global leader in industrial cybersecurity consulting, and DeNexus Inc, the leading provider of second-generation cyber risk quantification and management to large industrial facilities, OT service providers, and the cyber risk transfer market, announce their partnership today. 

The alliance between the two cyber risk management specialty firms will create a finely-tuned cyber risk data set customized by the industrial sector. By blending decades of human experience and evidence-based data into one proposition, they will jointly develop a more standardized baseline of cyber risk management into DeNexus’s cyber risk platform, DeRISK. 

“Cyber security can impact multiple aspects of an industrial firms’ day-to-day operation. Until recently, trying to assess the cyber risk for a giant multi-million-dollar industrial facility has been an antiquated process filled with spreadsheets, estimates and questionnaires” said Patrick Miller, CEO at Ampere. “DeNexus is taking away that guesswork and giving Ampere the ability to provide a credible and customized view of our customers cyber risk posture utilizing evidence-based data.” 

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“No company in the industrial cybersecurity space brings more credibility and knowledge of protecting industrial control systems and operational technologies,” said Jose Seara, Chief Executive Officer of DeNexus. “Ampere’s vast human knowledge and expertise across numerous sectors within the ICS and OT security landscape will help DeNexus calibrate the inputs into our DeRISK dataset.” 

DeRISK is a cloud-based technology that provides evidence-based, data-driven, real-time visibility to an industrial facility’s cyber risk exposure to cyber-attacks and events. DeRISK calculates the probability of loss, the financial impact of cyber events, and delivers the ROI-based mitigation options available to reduce your risk. Armed with this level of data empowers the asset owner to prioritize cyber risk budgets, mitigation projects and make better risk transfer decisions.

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