Applied Risk Releases New Operational Technology (OT) Security Report, “Architecting the Next Generation for OT Security”

Applied Risk Releases New Operational Technology (OT) Security Report_ Architecting the Next Generation for OT Security

Applied Risk, one of the world’s largest providers of industrial cybersecurity solutions, is pleased to announce the release of a new report on current security conditions Operational Technology (OT), with an overview of new trends in OT security.

The report, titled “Architecting the Next Generation for OT Security”, is based on data collected by the Ponemon Institute from more than a thousand IT and operational technology security specialists in the United States and Europe. The research was supplemented by data from the projects and evaluations of Applied Risk itself, as well as by the analysis of its subject matter experts.

The report highlights that the industry has been shaped by several factors, including a below-ideal level of staff, the adoption of risk-based OT standards, as well as the non-adoption of enabling technologies. It also addresses pressing issues, like ownership of leadership in OT security, concerns about access management, and the promises of new technologies such as cloud computing.

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The report further seeks to identify and highlight the areas that will drive the development of OT security over the next two to four years. It takes note of plans to increase the workforce in the OT security sector and nurture the skills pool of the workforce, discusses how the convergence between IT and operational technologies can generate solutions to current security challenges, and studies the potential benefits offered by security operations centers.

The report also provides added value to organizations with recommendations and practical actions they can take to address people, process and technology issues.

Jalal Bouhdada, Founder and CEO of Applied Risk, notes that the report is informative and forward-looking. “With this report, Applied Risk seeks to shed light on the future of industrial cybersecurity,” he commented. “We have used independent research and the knowledge of our own experts to develop a framework to better understand the OT security situation. ”

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