ARES Security Adds Virtual Training Modules to the AVERT Suite of Security Software Solutions

ARES Security

Building upon its success supplying software to meet physical security assessment and integrated C2 requirements across Government, Defense, Energy, Transportation, Critical Infrastructure, and Commercial Sectors, ARES Security today announced the addition of Virtual Tabletop and Virtual Reality Training modules to the AVERT portfolio.

Scheduled or mandated training is an integral part of the security lifecycle in high threat environments and is necessary to ensure that an organization’s security and response plans are suitable for responding to relevant threats. Traditional Tabletop Training requires the physical presence of Facilitators and Blue/Red Force participants and relies on manual simulation methodologies. Beyond the inherent limitations of this traditional approach, security organizations now face the added challenge of maintaining readiness during a Global Pandemic where the concept of meetings has shifted dramatically from in-person to remote participation. AVERT Virtual Tabletop (“AVERT-VT”) and Virtual Reality (“AVERT-VR”) software training solutions bridge this gap.

AVERT-VT is a tool for security and emergency response leadership that improves the effectiveness of traditional tabletop exercises. AVERT-VT combines realistic threat scenarios generated in a modeling-simulation engine with a high-fidelity user interface that allows participants to test and evaluate decision-making and response scenarios against complex threats. “Digital Twin” models of a site/complex are reconstructed to incorporate building exteriors, interiors, detection and delay systems coupled with standard operating procedures. Advanced threat scenarios are then simulated in the DHS SAFETY Act Certified AVERT Mod/Sim engine. Upon completion, clients can use validated threat simulations to drive their tabletop exercise.

AVERT-VR takes training a step further by providing a completely immersive environment that is more interactive, realistic, and measurable. Trainees experience high fidelity, 3-D visualizations of the physical environment while responding to simulated threat scenarios from either a desktop or through wearables. The result is a more interactive training environment that provides quantifiable results for post-exercise assessment of an individual or joint response performance.

“We are pleased to build upon our past successes delivering AVERT Design, Assessment and Integrated C2 solutions by now offering training tools that allow our clients to leverage their current investment and provide a greatly improved training experience that quantifiably increases the security posture of the organization,” stated Ben Eazzetta, CEO of ARES Security. “This technology was originally fielded as part of the USAF’s AFWERX SBIR Program and is currently being deployed throughout the US Commercial Nuclear market.”