Bandwidth Issues Statement on Recent DDoS Attack

Bandwidth Issues Statement on Recent DDoS Attack

Bandwidth Inc. (NASDAQ: BAND), a leading global enterprise cloud communications company, today issued the following statement in a blog post from CEO David Morken:

“To our customers and partners:

On Tuesday, Sept. 28, I posted here to inform you of a DDoS attack aimed at Bandwidth and other providers in the VoIP industry. Here’s where we stand now:

I’m pleased to report that our mitigation efforts are proving successful.  Bandwidth’s network has been largely stable and operating at normal service levels since the evening of Sept. 29, although there have been some continued intermittent disruptions.

In the midst of some incredibly challenging moments, I have been inspired by the response of our customers. We’ve had some difficult conversations this past week, but for every tough call, we’ve had multiple positive, supportive ones. Even as our customers are understandably concerned, we’ve been moved by the many demonstrations of support we have received. Some of our very largest customers have been at the table with us, fighting shoulder-to-shoulder in unprecedented ways and collaborating with us to defend the ecosystem.

We are staying vigilant, and our confidence is growing.

First, we will continue to vigorously defend against these attacks.

Second, we continue to serve our customers with transparency, candor, and integrity. Some of you may have suffered service impacts as a result of this attack. In every conversation, ticket, and TAC call, we will reinforce that your trust and faith in Bandwidth is deserved.

Finally, we will continue to collaborate with our customers and partners to keep the VoIP ecosystem strong. The attackers took advantage of the unique characteristics of real-time communications, as well as the highly interconnected nature of our industry. Our deep collaboration with some of Bandwidth’s most intrepid customers and partners allowed us to go on the offensive against the perpetrators in an unprecedented way. Our response to this attack is enhancing the playbook for how to fight back against an industry-wide threat for which there is no off-the-shelf response. We will make every effort to share these learnings in hopes of making our entire ecosystem safer.

Thank you for your partnership,
David Morken.”

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