CampusGuard Announces RedLens InfoSec™ To Strengthen Its Reach Of Delivering Offensive Security Services

CampusGuard Announces RedLens InfoSec™ To Strengthen Its Reach Of Delivering Offensive Security Services

CampusGuard, a full-service cybersecurity and compliance services firm, announced that its former Offensive Security Services (OSS) team has been rebranded as RedLens InfoSec™, a division of CampusGuard. The newly updated division represents a dynamic team focused on developing new products and services while maintaining the same degree of customer care and expert service delivery that customers have come to expect.

“Our focus has always been on delivering measurable value and actionable results to our customers, and the RedLens InfoSec brand represents our renewed commitment to developing new and unique service offerings to add to that value proposition,” said Chad Wheeler, RedLens InfoSec manager. “Our IT security and compliance offerings are in high demand across so many industries at risk of a data breach and other cyber threats. We remain your trusted partner in proactively defending your organization against these threats.”

RedLens InfoSec delivers a proactive approach to help organizations identify security vulnerabilities and gaps in their systems, networks, applications and operating procedures. With services such as a wide array of penetration testing offerings, Red Teaming and many others, RedLens will evaluate and offer recommendations to improve an organization’s security posture, test its existing defense capabilities, limit the impact of a potential security incident and assist in executing legal or regulatory compliance requirements.

“RedLens InfoSec shares the same level of commitment as CampusGuard to deliver exceptional value throughout all our customer engagements,” said Harvey Gannon, CampusGuard chief executive officer. “With our unique team-based approach and focus on customer care, our growing community of customers can expect nothing less than the highest quality services available in the market.”

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RedLens InfoSec currently offers the following services:

  • Vulnerability assessments and scanning
  • Penetration testing/segmentation testing
  • Web application scanning and penetration testing
  • API testing
  • Wireless network penetration testing
  • Red Teaming
  • Social engineering programs (on-premises/off-premises)
    • Phishing/vishing exercises
    • Spear-phishing exercises
  • Password auditing

Organizations choose CampusGuard and RedLens InfoSec because of the company’s customer-centric approach, ensuring a hands-on experience with a credentialed and dedicated team. Customers receive comprehensive, actionable custom reports featuring recommended steps for remediation and ongoing support services to help secure their environments at risk. Competitive, fixed pricing helps streamline the process.

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