IronNet® Cybersecurity Expands Reach of Collective Defense Platform with New Integrations

IronNet® Cybersecurity Expands Reach of Collective Defense Platform with New Integrations

IronNet® Cybersecurity, Inc., the leader in Network Detection and Response and Collective Defense, announced new integrations with leading cloud, endpoint, and firewall platforms. These integrations enhance and expand the benefits of IronNet’s Collective Defense Platform for security operations teams.

New capabilities in this release include integrations with:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): Adding new IronNet sensors that enable customers to leverage IronNet’s Collective Defense Platform to secure their AWS deployments.
  • Crowdstrike Falcon EDR: Enabling security analysts to seamlessly investigate threats detected by IronNet from the network to the host, and to contain compromised hosts.
  • Palo Alto Networks Strata Next Generation Firewalls Native Response: Enabling security teams to generate firewall responses and stop threats detected by IronNet.
  • ZScaler Nanolog Streaming Service (NSS) Analysis: Enabling IronNet customers to apply IronNet’s IronDefense NDR behavioral detection to HTTP/HTTPS logs.
  • Microsoft Office 365: Adding IronDefense behavioral detection of malicious login attacks targeting Microsoft’s productivity SaaS suite.

In addition to these integrations, the new release includes:

  • New User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) to detect identity- and authentication-focused attack techniques
  • Improved lateral movement and port-scanning detection

“The ability to correlate cloud, network, endpoint, and other security telemetry data into a richer, more complete picture of a risk-based event helps organizations more effectively evaluate and mitigate a threat. And that is the real value that network intelligence and threat analytics solutions like IronNet offer,” said Christopher Kissel, Research Director, Security & Trust Products, IDC. “IronNet’s additional capability to share information anonymously across a community of peers and enable security analysts to collaborate on threats is a noticeable differentiator in light of the rise of nation-state level cyber attacks.”

This expansion of IronNet’s capabilities continues the company’s momentum of growth in both technology and partnerships. David Lathrop, Vice President of the Utility Strategic Business Unit with Unlimited Technology, Inc., said, “IronNet’s latest release is exactly the kind of ecosystem support that helps us provide the unique, comprehensive cyber solutions we offer through the Enterprise Security Program Review.” Unlimited Technology is a founding partner, along with IronNet, DirectDefense, and Exero, of the ESPR, announced in January.

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“Empowering security teams and maximizing the effectiveness of their security investments against cyber threats targeting their enterprise, industry, or region is core to our Collective Defense mission,” said Don Closser, IronNet’s Chief Product Officer. “Together with our security ecosystem partners, IronNet can offer our customers a true, defense-in-depth approach that helps them reduce time to detection and scale up their ability to respond to cyber threats. This is especially important as factors like digital transformation and expanding supply chains are increasing the threat landscape exponentially.”

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