DeepSurface® Ends Beta Program, Announces General Availability of their Automated Predictive Vulnerability Management platform


New product automates analysis and prioritization of vulnerabilities with network, host, user, and asset context so cybersecurity teams can better assess business risk

DeepSurface Security, the industry’s first automated Predictive Vulnerability Management™ suite of tools, today announced the end of their year-long beta program and the general availability of their namesake product. DeepSurface automates gathering user permissions and activity, application permissions, host configurations. Then, taking into account where the most critical network assets are kept, DeepSurface provides cybersecurity teams with analysis to objectively prove which vulnerabilities pose the most business risk and which don’t. By automating the labor intensive manual process of gathering data and then analyzing and prioritizing vulnerabilities on enterprise networks, cybersecurity professionals can be more effective with their limited time and team.

DeepSurface enables cybersecurity teams to:

  • Automate analysis of vulnerabilities against a network’s context. 
  • Find, visualize and rank all attack pathways that would allow an attacker to move through a network, providing an easy-to-read map and report that identifies which hosts, vulnerabilities, and paths are contributing the most risk.
  • Share and communicate risk with actionable intelligence. Teams can generate an easy to read report to share with team members, executives, and to meet compliance obligations, proving how and where they should take immediate action to reduce the most risk with the least effort.

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DeepSurface launched from stealth in September of 2020 with $1M in funding from Cascade Seed Fund, SeaChange Fund and Voyager Capital. Among the beta customers converting to use the first version of the product is Oregon’s largest credit union, OnPoint Community Credit Union.

“We had a generic industry list of vulnerabilities to patch, but we weren’t answering a critical question: ‘Are we actually vulnerable to this?” said Zac Streelman, OnPoint VP of Technology. “I think the bang for the buck for DeepSurface Security is better than just about any other tool I’ve seen.”

“Vulnerability management has been stagnant, labor intensive, expensive, and slow for a long time. We’re thrilled to be bringing easy-to-use and proven automation to bear on the problem., said James Dirksen, DeepSurface Security CEO and cofounder. “We’ve had a great year of working with our beta customers, and thanks to their feedback and our team’s great work, the product is ready.”