Hancom Works brings productivity, collaboration and self-managed data protection to the cloud

Hancom Works

Hancom Office and Nextcloud Enterprise provide distributed teams with professional tools for content development and collaboration in a secure private cloud environment

  • MS Office compatible productivity tools with real-time collaboration
  • Self-managed storage controls ensure data protection and regulatory compliance
  • AWS Private Cloud enables secure, company-wide access

Hancom  (KOSDAQ: HAANSOFT) today announced Hancom Works, a complete solution that integrates Hancom Office’s professional office productivity tools with the secure, globally accessible Nextcloud enterprise collaboration environment. Hancom Works will be available on the AWS Marketplace in the first quarter of 2021. As a secure offer for large and small companies, Hancom Works offers a private cloud option for companies that have not yet considered a cloud-based offer for data protection reasons or due to legal requirements.

With Hancom Works, a company can equip a distributed team with the office productivity and collaboration tools they have long wanted, while maintaining full control of the company’s sensitive data. Hancom Office’s professional productivity tools are fully MS Office compliant yet accessible to users on any platform and device. Team members can communicate via text and video chat while creating and collaborating on content in real time via the Nextcloud Enterprise document storage system. Nextcloud’s administration and management functions ensure that your sensitive or regulated data is exactly where it belongs – and that only those who have authorized it can access it.

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“With Hancom Works, companies that were previously unable to take advantage of the communication and collaboration functions of public cloud offerings can now do so in a secure private cloud environment,” says Dr. Wonsok Yun, President of Global Business of the Hancom Group. “Other vendors offer powerful office productivity and collaboration functions in the cloud, but are unsuitable for companies that deal with sensitive health or financial data. For companies that absolutely need to ensure data protection and security, Hancom Works on AWS offers exactly what they need – first-class office productivity software, first-class communication and collaboration tools and rock-solid security and data protection in an all-in-one private cloud. Solution that can be scaled to meet the needs of the largest business. “

“For Nextcloud customers, our strategic partnership with Hancom fills an important gap,” says Frank Karlitschek, CEO and founder of Nextcloud GmbH. There is great demand for an office productivity solution that is as sophisticated and feature-rich as Hancom Office. Many companies need an office productivity suite that offers a high level of MSOffice compatibility like Hancom Office while offering the familiar interface they expect. Thanks to Hancom Office, users can open documents from multiple locations and devices, edit them simultaneously, and then easily edit them in native format Save office formats – in the secure environment of Nextcloud. “

“For Amazon WorkDocs users who already use Hancom Office Online, the announced partnership between Hancom and Nextcloud is even more interesting, because it means that they can immediately take advantage of the Nextcloud collaboration environment. You don’t need to do anything other than work together. “

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Functionality of the cloud with the security of on-premises solutions

Hancom Works provides businesses with the accessibility, productivity tools, and collaboration benefits typically associated with a public cloud productivity offering like MS 365 or Google Workspace. However, it ensures that companies whose data protection or regulatory requirements exclude the use of public cloud solutions can control where their data is stored – and who can (and who cannot) access it. Modern encryption and security functions help the company to control access, identify security risks and protect sensitive data.

With the underlying adaptability of AWS infrastructure, it is easy to scale Hancom Works to meet the needs of any organization, no matter how large or how widely distributed it is. And with the flexibility that allows team members to interact through native desktop, browser, and mobile-based instances of Hancom Office, everyone in the company can work more effectively.