deepwatch Announces deepwatch Lens Score


deepwatch, a leading provider of intelligence driven managed security services, today announced deepwatch Lens Score, a fast, easy to use application for Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) and those who are accountable for measuring, monitoring, and improving their company’s overall security operations maturity. deepwatch Lens Score is available immediately on all mobile devices and via web browser and can be accessed and utilized by all security professionals at no cost via the deepwatch

“We collaborate closely with our customers’ CISOs and have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges they face. CISOs are universally accountable for answering three questions,” explained Charlie Thomas, CEO. “How mature is my Security Program? How do I compare to my peers? What one thing should I do next to better secure my business?” deepwatch created deepwatch Lens Score to provide security leaders with an ongoing view into their security posture and precisely what they can do to improve it over time. “deepwatch Lens Score allows CISOs to quickly understand data source collection, active analytics, and what their Maturity Score is today and how to improve it. The powerful app is intuitive and delivers valuable data and insights to CISOs in a few minutes in the palm of their hand,” elaborated Thomas.

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“The unique thing about deepwatch Lens Score is that it instantly visualizes data collection coverage with a maturity score calculated by our patented Maturity Model algorithms,” described Corey Bodzin, CTO. The deepwatch Maturity Model is the industry’s first scientific way to measure SOC effectiveness. “The Maturity Model Score gives CISO’s the immediate ability to benchmark their security program maturity against that of their peers, and quickly uncover gaps and how to address them. CISOs can then track their improvements and estimate the impact of different improvements they might pursue.”

deepwatch designed Lens Score to ease the pain of making difficult cyber security business investment decisions. Over the last twenty years, security leaders have followed a “gut feel” or “educated guess” approach to fortifying their networks and enhancing their SOC. With deepwatch Lens Score, they now have an application that immediately and continuously provides recommendations based on data science to help them stay ahead of cyber threats.