Evorra Secures An Additional $1M To Enable Responsible Data Marketing At Scale


Evorra, a SaaS marketplace for brands and agencies to simply build and scale audiences, has successfully raised an additional $1M pre-seed investment by York IE to further pursue its vision to enable responsible data marketing at scale. 

“We are fortunate to have the support of investors that truly understand how Evorra solves real advertiser challenges,” said Aaron Ritoper, founder and CEO, Evorra. “The global interest in Evorra is growing every day because we bring together both ease of use and the ability to activate privacy compliant audiences at scale without a costly and expensive technology burden. Evorra has developed with regular input from a community of brands who believe in the power of a post cookie, decentralised data service, and are motivated by the opportunity to solve complex ad tech problems with uncompromising simplicity.”

York IE, based in Boston, Mass., has deep experience in data and B2B SaaS businesses and will lead the investment for Evorra, adding to previous investment from Akama Holding and Vivium based in the Middle East and additional investment by FirstPartyCapital, the global madtech sector specialist, and the Australian VC fund Shearwater Capital.  Evorra’s investor footprint reflects both its global ambitions and the global opportunity the solution represents. 

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As Evorra moves into its next chapter of growth with initial client interest across the US, Asia and Europe, it will use the new capital to ensure its innovative user-friendly SaaS data marketplace meets the workflow requirements of sophisticated agencies and brands.  Evorra has a vision to democratise addressable audiences at scale for non-technical marketing professionals, without letting go of privacy.  A privacy-first data architecture allows users to licence, build, and enable bespoke audiences across the most popular media channels, easily and globally. 

As the ad and marketing tech landscape continues to rapidly grow to thousands of tools, marketers are left with expensive and difficult to use products. Evorra puts an end to that. Evorra fills the 200 billion USD market demand for privacy compliant data at scale. It is also built, based on more than 150 co-creation, prototyping, and iterative workshops with advertising, marketing and media professionals globally. Evorra solves real data pain points in teams so anyone in a brand or agency can become a data-driven marketer easily. 

“We are always excited to partner with companies who are taking a big problem and looking to solve it simply,” said Marshall Everson, VP, Investments and Strategy, York IE. “This can only happen when there is depth of experience in the team trying to solve the problem, and they are not afraid to look at things differently. We saw this immediately with Evorra’s founding team. The advertising industry urgently needs an easier way for advertisers to take back control of their data marketing decisions without the cost and complexity of legacy or some of the new solutions coming to market. Evorra is that solution.”  

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