For Businesses With Remote Locations, SecurityMetrics Threat Intelligence Center Monitors and Helps Protect Attack Surfaces

For Businesses With Remote Locations, SecurityMetrics Threat Intelligence Center Monitors and Helps Protect Attack Surfaces

With increasingly sophisticated tactics and no shortage of cyber tools, hackers continue to compromise organizations.

“Businesses–especially those with remote locations and large networks in retail, hospitality, and healthcare–make irresistible targets to threat actors for several reasons: there is more exposure to cyber risks and less awareness of complex and evolving threats,” says SecurityMetrics SOC Operations Director, Matt Heffelfinger.

Organizations with remote locations that are part of an extended network face additional security risks. Remote locations traditionally lack security visibility and have therefore become easy targets among threat actors.

Heffelfinger continues, “An effective IT team would need a mix of specific skills, threat intelligence capabilities, and incident response resources to adequately prevent or respond to a cybersecurity incident. IT teams have a big advantage if they can view their data security through a wider lens than endpoint protection, a risk audit or vulnerability scan alone.”

If you are a mid-enterprise business in retail, healthcare, or hospitality and need a partner for extended network security, the SecurityMetrics Threat Intelligence Center has innovative solutions to help you monitor the security of your network, report on attack surfaces, and act on vulnerabilities. One of these solutions is SecurityMetrics Pulse:

  • Pulse is a managed security product that monitors business locations using sensors, which are placed on and around attack surfaces.
  • Pulse helps businesses see, understand, and act on the root causes of their vulnerabilities.

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Through the SecurityMetrics Threat Intelligence Center, SecurityMetrics customers are offered a suite of integrated solutions and products backed by decades of security audit insight to help them protect their attack surfaces. With a focus on continuous improvement and innovation, these products and services include:

  • Dynamic security data collection
  • Monitored firewall services
  • Endpoint protection
  • Regular asset testing
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) data analysis
  • Regular threat intelligence reports
  • 1:1 support from security analysts

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