GlobalDots partners with Transmit Security to make passwords a thing of the past


GlobalDots, a cloud innovation leader, partners with Transmit Security, a leading provider of customer identity and access management (CIAM)solutions, to offer its passwordless and multifactor authentication services to GlobalDots’s clients. Through the partnership, GlobalDots enables the smooth integration of Transmit Security’s CIAM solutions into its clients’ IT stack.

As we rely more and more on online services, managing passwords becomes increasingly challenging. Compromised passwords lead to account takeovers, which pose existential threats to customer-facing businesses. Account takeovers led to an estimated $11.4 billion in losses in 2021, caused mostly by compromised passwords.

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This partnership with Transmit Security empowers GlobalDots’s global-customer base to benefit from the SaaS provider’s biometric authentication solution. Through the passwordless and MFA services within its CIAM platform, Transmit Security is able to offer companies with advanced FIDO2 biometric authentication (i.e., passkeys) that simplifies customers’ omnichannel experiences, increases assurance, and phases out passwords. By offering customer-facing businesses an alternative to traditional passwords, Transmit Security—with GlobalDots helping businesses understand how this solution integrates in an optimal way—drastically improves the customer experience while nearly eliminating any potential security threats such as man-in-the-middle attacks or hostile account takeovers.

As a 20-year web and cloud innovation leader, GlobalDots is dedicated to providing the best innovations for businesses amid an ever-changing climate of threats. GlobalDots provides a holistic view on a client’s tech stack and the experience to manage these complex architectures. Therefore, the integration of Transmit Security’s CIAM platform further enhances GlobalDots’s ability to provide the most advanced and all-encompassing security offerings. By partnering with Transmit Security, GlobalDots adds another tool to its innovative security arsenal, empowering businesses to ensure sustainable business growth without compromising on and actually enhancing customer experience.

“Transmit Security’s innovative use of biometric technology for passwordless solutions allows GlobalDots to bring the passwordless future into the present,” says Yuval Rachlin, CEO of GlobalDots. “We will help our partners understand how to best leverage this cutting-edge solution and will work with them to implement it into their IT stack. Through this partnership we are continuing to provide our clients with the highest level of security and innovation, enabling them to continue focusing on their business operations and maximizing their ROI.”

“GlobalDots brings decades of experience delivering and integrating innovative technologies for customers in all industries around the globe,” says Rakesh Loonkar, President and Co-Founder  of Transmit Security. “Businesses today need more secure, user-friendly, and omnichannel  authentication services as part of their overall CIAM strategy. We’re pleased to partner with GlobalDots to help more businesses deliver both exceptional customer experience and account protection—without compromises.”

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