Goodix Technology Launches Industry-Leading NB-IoT SoC Solution

Goodix Technology Launches Industry-Leading NB-IoT SoC Solution

Goodix Technology today released its first NB-IoT system-on-chip (SoC) solution, the GR851x series, which fully supports 3GPP Rel-14 and Rel -15. Incorporating an ultra-low power OpenCPU application system, it offers exceptional stability and high security, providing a competitive cellular IoT solution for various application scenarios, such as smart cities, consumer electronics, industry 4.0 and smart agriculture. Innovation will help build a modern, connected and intelligent digital world.

From silicon to networks and devices, the NB-IoT ecosystem is growing rapidly and can be applied to a wide range of ultra-low power, wide coverage and large-scale IoT scenarios, including smart meters, smoke detectors wireless, smart street lights and livestock management. With the emergence of ever more innovative applications, NB-IoT is poised for future growth.

According to Counterpoint Research’s latest white paper, more than 1.2 billion NB-IoT connections are expected worldwide by 2025, which is roughly a third of all cellular IoT connections. Focusing on the global IoT market, which represents billions of dollars, Goodix has invested heavily in recent years,

Excellent communication performance

Stable and reliable data connections are the cornerstones of cellular IoT applications. The advanced communications processing (CP) subsystem owned by Goodix ensures stable communication and reliable data transmission even under poor network conditions. Goodix’s solution has already been fully certified by China Mobile, China Telecom and Deutsche Telekom, and will continue to be certified by other major global operators.

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Very low power OpenCPU solution

Large-scale IoT applications require rapid development cycles. With its powerful architecture OpenCPU double heart AP / CP, the GR851x of Goodix incorporates a heart ARM ® Cortex ® high performance -M4F and rich resources on the chip, eliminating the need for an external MCU. In addition, Goodix provides a set of powerful tools that dramatically simplify application design, speed time to market, and improve overall development cost.

A scalable security solution

Powerful hardware and software come together to form Goodix’s exceptional security solution for protecting IoT devices. The security subsystem developed from the ground up provides a comprehensive security mechanism, supporting OSCCA and Deutsche Telekom’s nuSIM security solutions. In addition, simple and easy-to-use APIs can be customized and adapted to various security system platforms.

“NB-IoT is one of the core technologies of the massive IoT industry in the 5G era,” noted Sandy Hu , president of Goodix Technology. “The company’s newly launched solution will bring great value to the global IoT ecosystem. This breakthrough illustrates our determination and ability to expand our target consumer electronics market to larger markets, including the Internet of Things. ”

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