IDX Announces Complimentary ForgetMe Privacy Service for All Current & Former U.S. Law Enforcement Officers

IDX Announces Complimentary ForgetMe Privacy Service for All Current _ Former U.S. Law Enforcement Officers-01

Today, IDX, the leading privacy platform and data breach services provider, is making their ForgetMe service available to all 800,000+ current and former local and national law enforcement officers for free.

During the month of August, any current or former law enforcement officer who signs up for IDX’s ForgetMe service will receive a 1-year complimentary subscription of the service, which is an online data removal service that scans over 100 data broker websites to find an individual’s personal information profile, remove it, and continuously monitor its removal to prevent the information from being sold or shared. This is a notable feature of IDX’s flagship product, IDX Privacy.

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IDX is currently the only company that offers a service that automatically removes and continuously monitors the removal of sensitive information, a useful service for police officers who face growing privacy threats daily.

With IDX’s ForgetMe feature, police officers and law enforcement officials will be able to safeguard their privacy and not be in fear of digital or physical harm stemming from the online exposure of their personally identifiable information.

“We thank our law enforcement officials for their daily service to our communities. We are indebted to them for the around-the-clock safety they provide to our lives, which is sometimes taken for granted by us all. As a token of appreciation, we are pleased to extend ForgetMe to all law enforcement officials. We want to honor the safety they provide us by in turn giving them tools to protect them and their families from other kinds of harm,” said Tom Kelly, president and CEO of IDX. “Members of our law enforcement should not live in fear, and IDX is stepping up to help.”

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