Immuta announces $90 million in Series D financing

Immuta announces _90 million in Series D financing-01

Immuta, the premier cloud data access control provider, today announced that it has received $90 million in Series D financing. Immuta will use this investment to further consolidate its market leadership and grasp the market’s growing demand for centralized and scalable access control of cloud data sets, which are increasingly diversified and distributed on multiple computing platforms. This new round of investment is less than a year away from Immuta’s C round of investment , bringing the total financing to US$169 million.

Series D financing includes new investors such as Greenspring Associates, March Capital, NGP Capital, and Wipro Ventures, as well as existing investors such as Ten Eleven Ventures, Intel Capital, DFJ Growth, Dell Technologies Capital, Citi Ventures, and Okta Ventures Of the follow-up vote. These investments will be used to accelerate Immuta’s product development, expand sales and marketing capabilities, to grasp the growing demand in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region, and to deepen strategic partnerships within the cloud data ecosystem. Amazon Redshift and Azure Synapse are the latest cloud data platforms to be integrated with the Immuta platform, which are part of the latest version announced today .

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Immuta CEO Matthew Carroll said: “The ubiquitous cloud storage, new cloud data management tools, and the rise of DataOps have pushed us into a new era of data and analysis. In this new environment, the challenge for data teams is to stay strong. While expanding the security, privacy protection and auditability of the company, it expands secure access to thousands of cloud data products. Traditional data access control methods are no longer useful, cannot be expanded across cloud computing platforms, and will limit the usefulness of data Immuta’s platform solves this problem without the need to move, copy, or manually configure data. This new funding will accelerate innovation and GTM expansion, so that when we take the lead in defining the future cloud data access control model, We can provide our platform to more customers.”

Hunter Somerville, general partner of Greenspring Associates, said: “We have also looked at other competitors in this field, and Immuta’s products and solutions are indeed in a leading position. With the integration of first-class cloud analysis services, Immuta’s platform is second to none in its class. We also like that Immuta prioritizes the data architecture and engineering team from the perspective of terminal sales, which we have not seen in other solutions in this field.”

March Capital partner Jed Leidheiser said: “We invest in future winners. I am looking for companies with huge customer satisfaction today. They should have a structure built for platform expansion and an A+ team responsible for execution. Immuta is just like that. Companies. They have the ability to run on any data source, any infrastructure, any cloud platform, and the number of customers is growing rapidly.”

Since its establishment in 2015, Immuta has established strategic partnerships with a number of top cloud data technology providers and strengthened its platform to provide data teams with a place to automate data control across its entire cloud infrastructure. As a market leader, Immuta helps large companies expand centralized data computing and analysis teams, and helps innovative technology companies build and expand data-driven applications and services. In the last fiscal year, Immuta’s global contract value increased by more than 115%, the number of full-time employees doubled, and its global customer base, including Aon, Credit Suisse, and Daimler Daimler), Flatiron, IAG, S&P Global and the U.S. Army.

Databricks co-founder and CEO Ali Ghodsi said: “Immuta has been a long-term partner of Databricks. We are very pleased to see this impressive round of financing. We look forward to helping them bring cloud data access control functions to more. To help them build the future data and analysis stack on the Lakehouse platform.”

The company’s senior executive Dave Abrahams said: “From the perspective of return on investment, one of the big benefits Immuta brings to us is that it allows us to make changes faster.”

IAG is one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading property insurance providers and an investor in Immuta. IAG’s general manager of data said: “In the past, we needed to spend several months to conduct manual evaluations and solve the problem of how to access and use data to help us create the best products for our customers. Now, we can use all of our Data to do this quickly.”

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