LocoMobi World Announces ‘WorldSecure’ to Mitigate Cyber Risk

LocoMobi World Announces 'WorldSecure' the First Truly 'Smart' Data Security Network to Mitigate Cyber Risk

LocoMobi World Announces ‘WorldSecure’ the First Truly ‘Smart’ Data Security Network to Mitigate Cyber Risk

LocoMobi World moves people, vehicles and data; data that is the key to our existence and success. LocoMobi World’s WorldStream Cloud Portal is the epicentre for smart transportation infrastructure. It offers the ONLY true smart system that protects data now with WorldSecure.

Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell recently stated, “I would say the risk we keep our eyes on the most now is cyber risk. We spend so much time and energy and money guarding against these threats.” – April 12, 2021.

Enter the Virgil Integrity Network™ (VIN™). It is a next generation software platform designed to tackle these generational information security problems head-on.

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The VIN™ leverages breakthroughs in error correction and distributed ledger technology.
It puts a stop to any unauthorized data access, exposure, or breach while also providing attribution and provenance to all data and any attempt to maliciously interfere with it.

The product is a plug-in middleware. It is a simple drop-in app, just like a VPN, but one that mitigates the fear and risk of loss, damage, discontinuity of operations and irritative intermittent communications failures.

This is an unprecedented achievement in communications security. Encrypted communications are fragile and sensitive to minor alterations of data and in transit that undermines availability.

VIN™ will be the new security standard for all information and is offered through the WorldStream Cloud Portal. VIN™ is set to be deployed first with chosen LocoMobi World clients, which will set the standard for all and then the company will begin a full rollout.

“I see this on every interface between devices, to controllers, to networks, and management software,” says LocoMobi World CEO, Grant Furlane. “Buildings, banks, companies and individuals will have better security and peace of mind, that is what we all want.”

LocoMobi World puts the “SMART” into Buildings, Community and City.

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