NTT Integrates Its ControlPanelGRC With SAP’s Ariba, Concur And SuccessFactors Cloud Solutions

NTT integrates its ControlPanelGRC with SAP's Ariba_ Concur and SuccessFactors cloud solutions

NTT Ltd. today announced key functionality and integrations within the ControlPanelGRC® software suite of its Managed Services Americas division.

With ControlPanelGRC’s newly available connectors to SAP cloud solutions Ariba, Concur and SuccessFactors, companies can streamline risk analysis and automate compliance within both SAP’s on-premise and cloud environments – easily and all from a single, scalable and future-proof solution.

ControlPanelGRC is an award-winning and comprehensive compliance automation solution for SAP environments, with support for legacy transactions, Fiori applications, HANA databases, cloud applications and more.

Companies worldwide across more than 20 industries – including manufacturing, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, aerospace, defense and more – use the governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) software from NTT to identify and mitigate risk, and automate audit readiness.

For companies today, when addressing GRC areas such as access control and segregation of duties (SoD), it can be time-consuming and complex to identify risks and make provisioning changes across multiple environments: both SAP and its newer cloud-based platforms for procurement, travel and expense management, and human capital management.

For example, to flag unauthorized combinations of privileges that may result in fraud (such as the ability for one person to create a purchase order and pay an invoice), users must conduct and compare risk analyses within both Ariba and SAP.

ControlPanelGRC’s easy-to-implement connectors simplify this process – extracting data to run cross-system risk analyses and automate provisioning across platforms. Existing ControlPanelGRC customers can update their software to use the new connectors.

Scott Goolik, Vice President for SAP Security and Compliance at NTT Ltd.’s Managed Services, Americas division said, “Our new connectors are extremely easy to deploy – with customers able to be up and running in a matter of hours.

With these new capabilities, we’re glad to be able to relieve the pain points and headaches associated with access control across multiple environments, including on-prem and in the cloud. By automating and streamlining essential, multi-system compliance activities, we can also help our clients to free up their staff’s time for more value-creating work.”

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ControlPanelGRC’s new functionality includes:

  • Integration of permissions (Concur; SuccessFactors) and actions (Ariba) into existing ControlPanelGRC risk rulebooks
  • Risk analyses against the Ariba, Concur and SuccessFactors permission models
  • Provisioning of user master records in Ariba, Concur and SuccessFactors
  • Periodic access reviews for Ariba, Concur and SuccessFactors

In addition, for SAP SuccessFactors users, ControlPanelGRC is able to “read” and extract employee master data. By integrating SuccessFactors data with ControlPanelGRC’s HR AnalyzerTM module, ControlPanelGRC can anticipate, create and issue access requests automatically, based on employee hires, position changes and terminations.

Easy for business users to manage, ControlPanelGRC does not involve a lengthy implementation time or complicated training program. In addition, NTT’s SAP security and controls experts ensure that clients’ systems are managed according to industry standards, SAP best practices and auditor recommendations.

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