Ozcode Joins The Datadog Marketplace Enabling Developers To Debug Live Environments

Ozcode joins the Datadog Marketplace enabling developers to debug live environments-01

Ozcode, the code-level observability company, today announced a new integration with Datadog, Inc. (NASDAQ: DDOG), the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications.

Ozcode accelerates troubleshooting in live systems by allowing developers to add dynamic instrumentation to generate logs, metrics, and traces without requiring code changes. The instrumentation exposes live data such as locals, method parameters and return values, runtime versions, service names, and more anywhere in the code.

When building and running applications, developers will encounter code-level errors from unknown causes, which require on-the-fly instrumentation. Ozcode’s live debugging solution enables customers to rapidly instrument and resolve these errors in live systems without the need to invest resources into replicating issues in non-production environments.

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Together, with Datadog’s observability platform, customers can then correlate logs, metrics, traces, and more from across their organization’s entire technology stack to scale their cloud environments, troubleshoot potential issues and provide their customers with excellent digital experiences.

“We’re thrilled to join the Datadog Partner Network and offer our service in the Datadog Marketplace,” said Shimon Hason, Ozcode, CEO. “Providing Ozcode’s live, time-travel debugger within Datadog’s platform will accelerate troubleshooting for Datadog users by slashing their lengthy, fractioned resolution processes and provide Ozcode users with extended capabilities for observability and integration with Datadog.”

“We’re excited that customers can now discover Ozcode on the Datadog Marketplace,” said Michael Gerstenhaber, Senior Director, Product Management, Datadog. “Adding tracepoints and dynamic logging output to running applications gives developers a new way to send monitoring data to Datadog without redeploying production code. The additional flexibility this provides engineering teams will make Ozcode a valuable addition to our partner ecosystem.”

With this new integration, Datadog customers can utilize Ozcode Live Debugger to:

  • Add logs, metrics, and traces to live, running systems without changing or redeploying the code and analyzing those data items within Datadog.
  • Capture the complete execution flow of production errors, so they don’t have to reproduce the error in a separate debugging environment.
  • Use time-travel debugging to step through the execution flow of an error with code-level observability enabling an effective root-cause analysis.

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