rf IDEAS supports FIDO2 for seamless, passwordless authentication

rf IDEAS supports FIDO2 for seamless_ passwordless authentication-01 (1)

rf IDEAS, a leading manufacturer of authentication and logical access credential readers, is pleased to announce that its WAVE ID ® Plus, WAVE ID ® Nano and WAVE ID ® Nano Some models of the ID ® Nano OEM reader series now support the FIDO2 NFC protocol. The technology enables a seamless, password-less authentication experience for security-critical businesses in financial, healthcare, government, manufacturing, education and other markets.

FIDO2 frees businesses from password management and risk

FIDO2 provides borderless passwordless authentication – across a variety of credential types, devices and platforms. This is a rapidly evolving industry standard that is already supported by Microsoft, Google, Apple and all leading web services and browsers.

FIDO2 supports the use of contactless credentials, biometrics, mobile devices and security keys to log in to devices, websites and apps. This technology eliminates the need for centrally stored passwords that can be hacked, and the risk of password theft, phishing, and other user-targeted attacks.

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rf IDEAS implements FIDO2 support on current security infrastructure

Through the rf IDEAS ® Universal SDK, WAVE ID ® readers are compatible with virtually all contactless and contactless smart cards in use around the world. These readers also optionally support the Card Chip Interface Device Protocol (CCID), providing plug-and-play functionality for most computing platforms and operating systems.

Any logical access application that supports WAVE ID readers can add the ability to use NFC FIDO2 security keys and cards without interruption, while maintaining full backward compatibility. By using FIDO2, businesses can easily eliminate the use of passwords, thereby strengthening their single-factor security infrastructure. With multi-factor authentication becoming the new security standard, FIDO2 is ideal for enabling seamless access to all enterprise devices and data.

WAVE ID ® Readers with FIDO2 : Step into a More Efficient, Secure Future Now

Gourgen Oganessyan, Product Marketing Manager at rf IDEAS and the company’s representative in the FIDO Alliance, said: “Since the company’s inception, rf IDEAS has been a proponent of the ‘passwordless’ philosophy, providing convenient inductive authentication without compromising security. “With the addition of FIDO2 NFC to our WAVE ID readers, users of rf IDEAS technology will benefit from the industry’s most powerful and secure password-less authentication standard.”

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