Sectigo and Kite Distribution Partner to deliver Digital Trust to UK Organisations

Sectigo and Kite Distribution Partner to deliver Digital Trust to UK Organisations

Sectigo®, a global leader in automated Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM), and digital certificates and Kite, the leading distributor of cybersecurity technologies to the UK channel, have announced a partnership to help organisations in the UK establish and retain digital trust with Sectigo’s best-in-class certificate lifecycle management platform.

The partnership strengthens our ongoing collaboration, in which Kite Distribution brings its technical and commercial expertise in the UK cybersecurity market, together with Sectigo’s leading Certificate Lifecycle Management platform, Sectigo Certificate Manager.

“We are delighted to formalise our partnership with Sectigo,” said Stuart Nairne-Clark, Kite Business Development Director. “Kite has operated successfully in the CLM sector for several years. However, with organisations like Google driving change in the industry by mandating 90-day certificate lifespans, we believe this market is on the cusp of experiencing immense growth. Kite is working with the channel to ensure that they understand the potential disruption and the resulting opportunity available to those partners who ensure they prepare for changes that will impact digital trust.”

The shift towards certificates with shorter durations poses a significant and expensive challenge for organisations of all sizes. In February 2023, Google unveiled in its “Moving Forward, Together” plan its aim to shorten the maximum allowed validity of public certificates from 398 days down to 90 days, representing a 77% reduction in maximum term, and resulting in a need for five times the number of digital certificates to be managed.

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As organisations approach a period dominated by these short-duration certificates and with a rising need for cryptographic services, the urgency for automated digital certificate management has never been more acute.

“This collaboration enables UK organisations to leverage the advantages of Sectigo’s best-in-class Certificate Lifecycle Management platform, to establish digital trust,” said Ottavio Camponeschi, Vice President EMEA, Sectigo. “Our solution will instantly enhance the efficiency and efficacy of organisational security resources. Both Sectigo and Kite Distribution stand as trusted partners for UK organisations of all sizes and will grow even more prominent as organisations seek partners with proven expertise and cutting-edge technology solutions.”

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