Friday, March 1, 2024
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SECUREDATA Partners with Dexxxon as a Key Product Distributor


SECUREDATA, Inc., a leader in data security storage solutions, has announced their partnership with Dexxxon, a leading distributor of computer media and office technology products.

Through this partnership, SECUREDATA’s line of award-winning, hardware encrypted drives will be available through their new distributor partner, Dexxxon Digital Storage, Inc.

Digital Storage, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of removable storage media, related equipment, accessories and services. Dedicated to helping customers and suppliers grow their business, Digital Storage offers excellent customer service, product availability and industry knowledge.

Their commitment to providing customers with the most quality technology products aligns with SECUREDATA’s mission of providing innovative data security solutions to customers worldwide.

SVP of Global Sales, Thomas Donhauser, said, “We are thrilled that Dexxxon has chosen SecureData as their vendor of choice for encrypted drives. Dexxxon is a leader in their field and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.”

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The SecureDrive®️ product line includes hardware encrypted external hard drives and flash drives with built-in Military-Grade AES 256-bit XTS encryption. These devices use technologies licensed from ClexX, LLC, an IP/Technology development and licensing company. Since their debut in 2018, the SecureDrive®️ products have won awards for design, security, and innovation.

Each product has unique authentication methods either through keypad PIN entry or wireless authentication via mobile app (Android/iOS). The storage devices also have Brute Force Anti-Hacking technology to erase all data after 10 consecutive failed PIN/password entries. Specifically, the BT line of products is remote management ready with features like geo-and time-fencing, and user access logs.

SECUREDATA is now among other name-brand product lines that Dexxxon supports including Sony, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Fuji. Partnering with another trusted distributor is reflective of the consumer demand for secure storage solutions and the overall success of SecureDrive®️ products.