WhiteSource Launches New Vulnerability Based Alerts For an Easy and Fast Vulnerability Management Process


WhiteSource, the leader in open source security and license compliance management software, announced today its new Vulnerability Based Alerts feature, providing users with an advanced way to triage open source security alerts and manage them faster and more easily.

The rapid rise in the volume of published security vulnerabilities over the past few years presents the development, DevOps, and security teams with the challenge of addressing an ever-expanding list of security vulnerabilities, without slowing down development. The new Vulnerability Based Alerts feature can help teams save time and reduce their effort when addressing security vulnerabilities.

The Vulnerability Based Alerts feature enhances user experience by providing developers with flexibility when managing alerts, as well as providing a more granular view of the issues. Teams get more control and increased visibility in the alerts management process, enabling an improved and enhanced alerts analysis process.

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“The number of known security vulnerabilities has been rising exponentially over the past few years, and teams need enhanced tools to help them easily deal with the drastic increase in vulnerability alerts.” said David Habusha, VP Product at WhiteSource. “With Vulnerability Based Alerts, WhiteSource users get the increased visibility and control that they need in order to quickly address the most urgent issues without slowing down the pace of development.”