The Future of DDoS Defense: Strategies for Resilience with Richard Hummel, Threat Intelligence Lead for NETSCOUT

The podcast between Kanika Goswami, Managing Editor, OnDot Media, and Richard Hummel, Senior Threat Intelligence Lead, NETSCOUT , explores the current threat landscape, focusing on DDoS attacks.

Richard explains that while cyber attackers were always vicious, newer tools are making these attacks even more destructive. Most of this is hactivism, linked to major geo-political events globally. So, what can organizations do to defend themselves and keep their networks safe? Richard explains how having the right tools in place is essential, and even more, it is critical to have them updated at all times.

And his biggest advice? Be prepared and understand that you can be and will be the target of one of these at some point! AI tools can be a very effective way to preempt and even fight DDoS attacks. The discussion is all about how enterprises can stay prepared, stay secure, and survive in times of increasing cyber risks.

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