New ATM Malware dubbed “FiXS” Erupts

New ATM Malware dubbed

The cybersecurity firm Metabase Q has identified a fresh family of malware that targets ATMs in Latin America.

The threat, known as FiXS and containing Russian metadata, is currently aimed at banks in Mexico, but it has been discovered to be vendor-agnostic and capable of operating on any ATM that supports CEN XFS. FiXS needs an external keyboard to operate, just like the notorious Ploutus ATM malware, indicating that cybercriminals are using physical access to ATMs to install it.

FiXS hides within a seemingly innocent program, instructs the infected machine to dispense money 30 minutes after the last reboot, and waits for the cassettes to be loaded before dispensing, according to Metabase Q, a provider of cybersecurity solutions and services to businesses in Latin America.

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