Qualys Acquires Spell Security, a Software Assets Company

Spell Security

Qualys has acquired Spell Security, a software assets company, as a response and endpoint detection start-up. This acquisition further strengthens Qualys’ threat and security research, advances endpoint behavior detection capabilities, bringing in rich telemetry to the Qualys Cloud Platform.

Also, Spell’s deep knowledge of adversary techniques and threat hunting provides unique defense analysis and capabilities addressing the multi-vector threats customers are facing now.

The entire Spell Security team is thrilled to be part of such an innovative and pioneering cybersecurity company. Qualys’ approaches to delivering a unified cloud platform with all the data needed for detection, protection, and response at the fingertips is well ahead of anything seen.

This groundbreaking approach allows Threat Hunters, who are in great demand to respond effectively to the most sophisticated attacks. Thus, drastically mitigating the time to respond.

Source: Helpnetsecurity