Cybersecurity SOC As A Service Scalable Affordable Business Protection Launched

Cybersecurity SOC As A Service Scalable Affordable Business Protection Launched

SubRosa has launched an update to its SOC as a Service solution that aims to give business owners access to cost-effective and real-time cybersecurity to protect their business.

The updated SOC as a Service option from SubRosa aims to provide companies with the ability to implement 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring of their networks for threat detection and incident response.

While the importance of cybersecurity for a business has become increasingly important in recent times, the cost of installing relevant security software as well as training and hiring an IT security team can be prohibitive.

SubRosa is aiming to give business owners an affordable and scalable solution for their cybersecurity needs with their updated SOC as a Service.

The cybersecurity services provided by SubRosa give people the benefit of a remote team that monitors their systems at all times in order to detect and respond to threats. Additionally, the services are able to identify and respond to attacks and events such as zero-day attacks, accidental exposure, and ransomware.

SOC as a Service from SubRosa also aims to provide detailed analysis and event correlation which can help businesses to identify hidden threats and behaviors across their networks, as well as eliminating false positives. By providing detailed insights into security issues, SubRosa’s service can help businesses respond accordingly to save time, resources, and expenses.

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Based in Hudson, Ohio, SubRosa has worked with clients in industries such as banking, healthcare, and eCommerce, which gives them insight into the bespoke needs of businesses, as well as the ability to scale their solutions accordingly.

The company also offers a range of cybersecurity services alongside their SOC as a Service solution, including awareness training and advisory services, as well as risk and compliance assessments.

When asked about their services, a spokesperson for SubRosa said, “We employ and partner with some of the leading risk and security experts in the industry, enabling us to deliver effective services and software solutions to our clients across the globe.”

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