Ransomware Group Threatens to Leak Information Stolen from Entrust

Ransomware Group

Threat actors using the LockBit ransomware have claimed responsibility for the latest attack on the cybersecurity company Entrust and are threatening to release the stolen material.

The researcher who first revealed that Entrust had experienced a data breach, Dominic Alvieri, discovered on Thursday that Entrust had been added to the LockBit 3.0 Tor-based website. On August 19, exactly 24 hours after they stated they had hacked Entrust, the black hat hackers have threatened to release all the data they have taken. Some experts claimed that a known ransomware gang was responsible for the Entrust breach when it was discovered in July, although no specific ransomware was disclosed.

Entrust acknowledged at the time that threat actors had acquired access to systems used for marketing, finance, and human resources, but claimed there was no proof that this had harmed the functionality or security of its goods and services.

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